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You have the right to rule your life.

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You have the right to rule your life…and your health.

Is there an elephant in the room, a recent diagnosis that you don’t want to wear like an Avery name tag on a Chanel suit?

Or is it a shift no one senses but you? The moment you step back, look with fresh eyes at the life you’ve created…and you’re not fond of what you see. Where is the energy, the vitality, the radiance? Did it exit stage left a decade ago and you’re just now noticing?!

We’ll explore here how to stand up, how to take back control.

Here’s what’s next on the agenda…

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Camel milk.

excuse me? is this some hippy go-free nut job website?

Nope. I don’t even own a pair of Birkenstocks. Not that there’s anything wrong with Birkenstocks. :) I would bet I was just like you. Married with one son, and one on the way. Great career (in fashion). Great friends (you know who you are!). And then my son was handed the label of autism. Just like that. The world – or at least my world – stopped spinning on its axis. Physicians’ matter-of-fact phrases reverberated in the echo chamber of my being: “Be prepared to put him in an institution.” “He’ll never learn like other kids.” “There is no cure.”

i raised my shield.
i said NO.

I decided I had a say. More than that, I had rights. And after late nights on Google, white-knuckling it to therapy appointments, and filling our fridge with fringe foods (that are now totally normal to us), we have a thriving, healthy family. (Let. That. Sink. In.)

I share my story with you because whatever valley in which you may find yourself (dire diagnosis or simply dissatisfaction), there ARE steps you can take to reclaim dominion over your life. And the first step is camel milk.

Here’s a sneak peek at the trailer of my upcoming documentary:


Substituting or supplementing?

Are you thinking, “I gave up cow milk years ago…I don’t need a milk substitute.” That’s awesome, but stay with me. Camel milk is liquid gold. It is NOT a substitute; it is an essential supplement.

Most of us were raised on the unquestioned “truth” that tall, cold glasses of milk – cow milk – were the daily essential to good health. I definitely was. How about you?

But after my son was diagnosed with autism, there were no more sacred cows (pun intended) in our lives. EVERYTHING was up for scrutiny and change.

So here’s the deal with cow milk:

cow milk promotes weight gain

cow milk puts our body in a state of inflammation

cow milk wreaks havoc on our gut

…and cow milk is dead energy

Let’s talk about this for a moment, because this concept of energy is super important. Unless you grew up in the commercial dairy business, you’re probably not aware that the calf is taken away from the mother cow at birth and put in a little “hut” (these are the white plastic mini domes you see when you drive by a dairy). Of course, this is because the business wants all the milk to sell; they don’t want the calf taking it.

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If you envision this process as an energy chain, you can see that it is severed and unnatural. To make matters worse, the living conditions of the cows are not good (we’ll just leave it at that), and the milk is pasteurized beyond recognition. Instead of being a source of energy and renewal (as we have been led to believe), cow milk is a dead substance our bodies must rally AGAINST to purge. Can you imagine the exhaustion of our little cells?!

How is camel milk different?

Thank you for being such a wonderful audience. I’m glad you asked!

camel milk stabilizes insulin levels

This means camel milk takes you off the glucose roller coaster and does NOT, I repeat NOT promote weight gain. (One liter of camel milk has 52 units of insulin. People who have been given the label “Diabetic”…by the way, my friends, never accept a label you do not want. Only wear “name tags” you CHOOSE in this life.) But I digress.…People who have lived as Type 2 Diabetics, and even Type 1 Diabetics, have removed this label from their lives by incorporating camel milk into their diet.

camel milk supports the immune system

It’s even being used successfully to treat cancers and Lyme Disease.

camel milk promotes a healthy gut

And a healthy gut is a happy you!

…and camel milk is high energy

I’m going to get you ready for a game of Trivial Pursuit. Did you know that camels cannot be milked without the baby present and suckling? So the natural energy of camel milk is never broken.

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Well, hello gorgeous!

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Where do I find this liquid gold?!

No need to trek to Morocco (though I have)! Order from the comfort of your sofa at

I’d recommend starting with the six pints, and taking a few tablespoons each day. (Use discount code SPEAKUP at checkout to sweeten the deal!)

And I’ll be on pins and needles wondering about your progress…so you better email me!


You deserve to live happy.

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