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Speak Up Buttercup

How I Brought My Son Back From Autism


When Jodie had her first child, she was like any other mother. She struggled to figure out how to cope with a fussy baby and tried to make the best choices for her son's health and well-being. So she trusted the approach of traditional medicine. Despite the nagging feeling that those midnight cries meant something wasn't quite right with her son, she tried to convince herself that because he was a boy, he was just developing slower. Until one day her instincts were confirmed. She was told not only had she lost the son she once knew, but there was nothing she could do about it. Jodie embarked on a mission to recover the son she knew she had lost. Armed with research, the experience of trusted therapists, the power of alternative medicine, and physicians, Jodie discovered a path to bringing her son back; but, most of all, she uncovered her voice. She would never again let someone else call the shots when it came to her son's health, especially when her gut was telling her something wasn't right. Jodie's inspiring story is a journey of a mother, learning to listen closely to her intuition. Through grit, anger, a "watch me do it" attitude, and pure determination, she reversed her son's Autism diagnosis. In the pages of this book , Jodie will reveal the smoking bullet that links the diagnosis of Autism, to most other health challenges children face today. Blowing up the myth that there is nothing can can be done. The message of this book will inspire and empower families to speak up for the children they love even when it seems no one is listening.

Page Count: 222

Size: 9 x 6

Printed in the USA

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